Poster session

The poster session will be held on 15 September (Thursday) afternoon. The authors are asked to prepare a short 2-minute presentation for the lightning talks. The poster format is portrait A0 (height 119 cm / 47 in; width 84 cm / 33 in). More information here

Jonathan Bobaljik and Uli Sauerland
About ‘us’
Yiyang Guo and Shumian Ye
Pluractionality via competition: VV in Mandarin Chinese
Nina Haslinger and Mathieu Paillé
Comparing contextual shifts in total/partial predication and plural non-maximality
Michaela Hulmanová and Mojmír Dočekal
Cumulative readings of Czech distributive conjunction i: experimental evidence from ECM constructions
Nattanun Chanchaochai and Florian Schwarz
Experimental Perspectives on Spatial Deictic Expressions in Thai
Jordan Chark
A perfect-like stative: On Icelandic búinn að and pragmatic competition in the aspectual domain
Kyle Jerro and Jenneke Van der Wal (online)
Contrastive Topic and Predicate Doubling in Bantu
Natasha Korotkova
Conversational dynamics of razve-questions in Russian
Manfred Krifka
Modeling adjacency pairs in Common Ground update: Assertions, questions, greetings, commands
Radim Lacina, Radek Šimík and Nicole Gotzner
“Czech” the Alternatives: A Probe Recognition Study of Focus and Word Order
Clemens Mayr and Ekaterina Vostrikova
An unexceptional semantic treatment of exceptive-additive ‘besides’
Andreea Nicolae
Indefinite quantifiers versus disjunctions: the view from distributive readings
Mats Rooth and Dorit Abusch
Parallel and differential contributions from language and image in the discourse representation of picturebooks
Manfred Sailer and Suzanne Smith (online)
In ages is not an NPI, which explains its distribution
Paolo Santorio (online)
The modal perfective and actuality entailments
Kelsey Sasaki and Daniel Altshuler
Clause-internal coherence: A look at deverbal adjectives
William Thomas
English does too have a [REVERSE,+] polarity particle!
Anastasia Tsilia
“Quasi-ECM” constructions in Modern Greek: Evidence for semantic lowering
Brandon Waldon, Cleo Condoravdi, Beth Levin and Judith Degen
Modeling the context dependence of artifact noun interpretation
Yusuke Yagi
Distribution Relative to Events in Dynamic Semantics