Local information


For the restaurant tips, please check a map we created, you can access it thought this link.


The only official currency in Czechia is Czech koruna/crown – CZK. You might be able to pay (more or less exceptionally) in EUR in some cases but you should not rely on that. Most places accept debit/credit cards (also via mobile devices). We strongly *discourage* you to get your CZK cash at commercial currency exchange services (of which there are a lot in the center of Prague). You’re likely to get a very bad exchange rate. *Never* exchange your cash in the street, there are a lot of tricksters and you might end up with some completely different currency than CZK. If you want cash, we recommend you to just get some in an ATM of a standard bank (for example: Česká spořitelna, Komerční banka, ČSOB, Raiffeisenbank, etc.). If you pay by card in a shop or restaurant, some payment terminals give you a choice – to either pay in CZK or EUR (or possibly some other currency). We recommend you to select CZK payment. What this means is that the exchange rate will be determined by your own bank. If you choose to pay in a different currency, then you’re choosing to use the exchange rate of the terminal provider, which in general be less advantageous for you.


It’s fairly easy to use the public transportation system to go between the airport and the city center, a journey that takes about 40 minutes. Going from the airport, you can board bus nr. 119 and then change at Nádraží Veleslavín to the A (green) metro line (direction: Depo Hostivař), which will bring you right to the faculty / city center (station Staroměstská). For more information on public transportation, see below.


The city center is fairly walkable. There are also (e-)bike and e-scooter sharing options; see e.g. https://www.li.me/cs-cz/. Beware that bikes and scooters are considered vehicles in Czechia and should not be used on sidewalks (typically not respected, but penalizable); we only recommend the bike option to experienced bike users, Prague is still not very bike-friendly, despite considerable improvement in the past few years. Prague has a good public transportation system, combining 3 lines of metro (subway) and many tram and bus lines. See here https://pid.cz/en/metro/ for detailed information. If you plan to use the public transportation system, consider downloading the app https://app.pidlitacka.cz, in which you can also buy e-tickets. Connections can easily be searched for using google maps or the Czech maps https://en.mapy.cz/ (which in some ways are a better option that google maps, but google maps are perfectly fine for Prague).

There’s no need to show your ticket to the driver in Prague, just board the metro/tram/bus and make sure that you have a valid ticket (paper or in your phone). If you rely on paper tickets, you can usually buy them in the vicinity of the tram/bus stop, always in metro stations. In metro stations, ticket machines are *not* located on platforms, but typically in a dedicated area leading to the platforms. You must have a valid ticket from that area on. Some trams and buses (implicature intended) have a ticket terminal inside, too, where you can pay with a contactless debit/credit card. Controllers are relatively easy to encounter on trams, buses, and in metro passages (on your way to/from the platform).


In case you need to print your handouts or posters in Prague, here are some useful links:

https://www.repromedia.cz (Mo-Fr 9:00–17:00)

https://razitka-vizitky-tisk.cz (Mo-Th 9:00–17:30, Fr 9:00–17:00)

https://www.copyshop.cz (Mo-Fr 8:30–17:30)